My Best Friend

Liza & NYC

Hi my name is Carlos, just in case you don’t know who I am. I love this pic of my beautiful best friend. We were in Columbus Circle near Central Park after church one day in NYC. Liza was great at selfies (like this one)… and of course totally photogenic!

Liza loved living in New York City and she also loved hanging out with our church family all day long on Sundays. She enjoyed the variety of foods that we shared with them and then of course, there was the pizza that we both loved there… fuhgeddaboudit!

What do you remember about Liza? Please leave your kind memories here…

  • Liza & I in Frisco, TX at her favorite barbeque place (Hutchins)  Lopez TX

Listen to one of Liza’s Fav Songs by Lauren Daigle, (‘My Revival’ – Album, ‘How Can It Be’) here: