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Here is some media of Liza throughout the years… enjoy your walk down memory lane! Stay tuned over the days to come as more stuff is added by family and friends…

  • Liza’s Life in Pictures (Long Version)… this tribute also includes many pictures of her relatives, church family, loving support network in Dallas, and friends. God really blessed us with so many loving souls to help us in our fight… Thank you! May God bless your kindness!!

Listen to one of Liza’s Fav Songs by Lauren Daigle, (‘Come Alive (Dry Bones)’ – Album, ‘How Can It Be’) here:


Special Thanks to:  Patti Catania, Masha Dundas, and Pastor Jose Rivera for all of their continued support and help with organizing this beautiful memorial. Also to Gaby Bonilla for her continued help as the official event photographer, and to our local speakers: Leslie Mathews, Marie Beemish, Karen Catania, Julie Bell, & Pastor Jose, for sharing their warm memories of Liza, and to each of our guests for your love, attendance, and potluck contributions!


Special Thanks to: Pastor Dennis George for his ministry and leadership, Debbie & Dave Williams of the Cancer Care Ministry for all of their continued support and help with this event, Chik-fil-A, to our speakers: Debbie Williams, Barbara Phaup, & Miranda Jerles for sharing their warm memories of Liza, our faithful helpers Nancy Brobston (below) and Denise Stufflebeam, and to each of our guests for your caring attendance!


  • Various photos submitted by Jeanette, Liza’s Mom
  • Photos – LA Celebration Service Various pictures of the day’s events at the church, graveside, and gathering taken by Gaby Bonilla.
  • Liza & I with Chindo & Marie Perez and Parents, Mel & Jeanette Contreras… Did you know that we will gather in the home of Liza’s childhood babysitter to continue our celebration? We are so blessed and grateful to The Perez family for their continued loving kindness and hospitality towards Liza and the rest of the family throughout the years. It was a special treat to hang out with them while they toured through NYC when we used to live there. I always knew any trip to Southern Cal meant a request from Liza to go and visit them! They were more like an aunt and uncle… Thanks Chindo & Marie!! PS: We also have Marie to thank for sharing her salsa recipe with Liza; the hot one that so many of us enjoyed over the years… Thanks again Marie!


  • Liza with Uncle Andrew & Cousin Loren Barbosa… Did you know we have Uncle Andrew to thank for Liza’s love of horse back riding and boxing?! Yes, Uncle Andrew’s influence on Liza as a child spread deeply into her adult life. I have probably seen every horse movie ever made and never missed a major fight thanks to Liza’s keen awareness of boxing and MMA schedules… Thanks Uncle Andrew! And for all your warm calls of concern and love for Liza throughout her fight with cancer!

Uncle Andrew and Loren

  • Liza & Her Many Sisters in the Lord… various photos shared by Yodit of Liza in NYC with her church family and relatives in Atlanta, GA as well…. happy times!  Link to Shutterfly

Yodit Pics

  • Liza & Loriann tour NYC! This was a wonderful visit for Liza & I from my cousin when we lived in NYC. As you can tell in this video, Liza had a blessed time hanging out with Lori all over the city… good times when she visited us in Dallas too!!

  • Liza’s 44th Birthday Video (7/4/2017) … she had a wonderful day opening presents in our home with her parents in town then enjoyed her favorite Dallas seafood restaurant (Pappadeaux)


More BD footage here (shared by Liza’s Mom, Jeanette):


  • Liza & I pictured for our hometown magazine, ‘Frisco Style’ August 2017 Edition. Our relocation story to Frisco, Texas / Article here


  • Liza in Brooklyn! (April 2017) … pictured with some of our beloved church family in NYC winding down yet another epic ‘Harvest Hang’! Liza had a very blessed time enjoying their warm fellowship, albeit a very long day for her. She had missed her much needed naps on that day. But as usual, she was a total trooper about it… more concerned about the fun of others then for her own needs. She made it a point to try and take a picture with everyone before they left… selfless indeed!
KangaRusski’s (Masha & Phil’s place)

More Brooklyn footage here (shared by Gaby aka “Gabbers”):